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How safe is dental anesthesia?
Anesthesia and sedation are very safe! The doctors administering anesthesia at dental care asleep are trained professionals. The dentist-anesthesiologists will personally always meet each and every child first for an airway examination, physical evaluation, and thorough medical history. The anesthesia methods utilized here are well-established and have a long track record of safety and reliability. Our clinic was designed and dedicated specifically for seeing children under general anesthesia and nothing else.
How common is it for children to go to sleep to have their dental work done?
Extremely common! Most parents are surprised to know that the most common reason that school-aged children are put to sleep to have their dental work performed is THE most common reason in Ontario. It is more common than ear-tubes, or tonsillectomy or any other procedure for children. See our blog for details and more information.
Can I bring my child here for check-ups and cleanings every 6 months and can I come here?
No, we are not a family practice or general dental office and we do not see any patient’s awake. We only see patient’s who require sedation and general anesthesia. We only specialize in sleeping patients.
What will my first appointment be like at the clinic?

Your first visit to our clinic will be a consultation. We must perform a proper physical examination and medical history. We want you to be able to have our doctors answer all your questions so you can be fully comfortable with the process.

Why do I need to come for consultation?
A proper airway and physical exam must be performed before putting anyone to sleep. We have always done this as our priority is safety first. Second, your child must be properly prepared for anesthesia and this requires them not to eat or drink before they come and you would not have known this and other instructions unless you had come for a consultation. Third our clinic must know what work we are doing and how much time it will take and what equipment to properly prepare and organize. Our appointments are planned often weeks in advance just like you would plan a trip with your family so we leave nothing to chance. Everything that we ask of you is to ensure that you received the best care possible and we appreciate your understanding.
How will I feel after having anesthesia?
You will feel tired and should expect incoordination so that you should not be driving a vehicle until recovered the next day. You should not plan to do any sports or physical activity. We suggest planning on having help with child-care for that period. Children should not be going to school that day. We will provide you clear and customized instructions according to your particular dental procedure.
I regret that I didn’t know about this place sooner. The staffs/receptionist were so nice and respectful. Also Dr. Moshiri was very nice enough to explain to my daughter what the treatment needed to be done and what he will do. My daughter was very happy and said she liked that clinic. (Before I know this place, We went to Smile Town Waterloo for four times! (Had no choice because I didn’t know any other dental clinics for kids) and spent 3-7 grand each time and get treated horribly by the staffs/receptionist). I highly recommend Dental Care Asleep. Go to this place! You will not regret it.
Our 5 year old needed dental care and Dr Moshiri was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. He answered all of our questions and put us at ease about what was needed, interacted with our son and put him at ease and took great care throughout the entire process. We never felt rushed or judged in any way and he made really great suggestions about preventative measures for the future. The team there was also so kind and friendly. Their level of communication and professionalism was excellent. Cannot say enough good things about our experience at this clinic.
The team here at dental care sleep is incredible! They are so welcoming and comforting every time I go there. I am extremely scared of any dental work, however these doctors make me feel safe and assured every time. If you are worried about the dentist definitely see these amazing doctors and I promise your worries will be gone! They are just wonderful! Dr Jason Wong is very nice and makes sure you are comfortable, walks you through everything. And they are non judgmental once so ever they understand my worries and are there for me! I’m really happy with my experience here every time.
Our son needed extensive dental work and we knew we were in the right place when we first met with Dr. Moshiri and staff: all had an amazing attitude of kindness, compassion, respect and professionalism. They were able to waitlist us for cancellations and answered all questions we had throughout the process. Dr. Moshiri did amazing work, we love our son’s new smile. I would highly recommend Dental Care Asleep.
Friendly staff and they were so patient with both of my kids. If I could rate more than 5 stars, I would. Thank you again!

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