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Dental Sedation for Adults

Ensuring Comfortable Dental Care

Are you feeling anxious about upcoming dental work? You’re not alone. Millions of people experience dental anxiety, but it doesn’t have to stand in the way of a healthy smile. Rest assured, Dental Care Asleep will ensure your experience is comfortable and stress-free experience.

We prioritize your well-being throughout every procedure, providing compassionate care in a relaxed environment. Let’s explore the different types of dental anesthesia we offer, so you can choose the best option to help you feel at ease and achieve optimal oral health.

Who can we help?

Severe dental phobia

If the thought of dental instruments or the dental environment triggers overwhelming fear and anxiety, general anesthesia can provide a safe haven for necessary treatments.

Strong gag reflex

Strong gag reflex For individuals with a sensitive gag reflex, general anesthesia eliminates this issue, allowing for smoother and more efficient procedures.

Complex dental needs

Extensive treatments requiring multiple procedures can be more efficiently completed under general anesthesia, minimizing the number of appointments and overall stress.

Incomplete Local Anesthesia

Occasionally, local anesthetic (local "freezing" or "numbing") at your family dentist may not work completely for various reasons. We commonly receive referrals to have work complete while you are asleep if you are one such person who "won't freeze".

There are many other reasons people seek care while asleep including:

Cognitive impairments due to conditions such as dementia, sensory issues due to autism, or inability to lay still for long periods of time.

General Anesthesia

Sleep Through Your Procedure for Maximum Comfort

At Dental Care Asleep, we understand that fear shouldn’t dictate your oral health. General anesthesia offers a unique solution, allowing you to drift into a peaceful sleep before the procedure even begins. Imagine waking up with a refreshed smile, the work completed, and no memory of any anxiety or discomfort.

How does it work?

General anesthesia is administered intravenously by our staff Dentist-Anesthesiologists and nursing team. It induces a state of controlled unconsciousness, where you won’t feel, see, or hear anything during the procedure. Your vital signs are continuously monitored throughout to ensure your safety and well-being.

Our dental sedation makes for a pleasant visit to the dentist

Complete Comfort

With general anesthesia, dental procedures become a worry-free experience. Patients drift into a gentle sleep, completely unaware of the treatment, ensuring absolute comfort throughout. No pain, no anxiety – just a peaceful rest while we take care of your smile.

Efficient Treatment

General anesthesia allows our dental team to work with optimal focus and efficiency. Without interruptions or patient discomfort, we can provide comprehensive care, ensuring every detail is addressed thoroughly. This means less time in the chair and a quicker path to a healthy, beautiful smile.

Positive Dental Experience

Dental anxiety can prevent many from seeking necessary care. General anesthesia eliminates this fear, transforming the experience into a positive one. By erasing negative associations, we pave the way for regular dental visits, leading to improved oral health and a lifetime of confident smiles.

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