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Ensuring Comfortable & Pain-Free Dental Care

Dental Care Asleep, serving southern Ontario, particularly the Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge, and surrounding areas, is dedicated to providing a trauma-free dental experience through the exclusive use of general anesthesia. Our practice is renowned for its ability to handle patients referred by other dentists, particularly those with anxiety and children who require an extra level of care. Here’s how we ensure a caring and relaxing experience for our patients.

Understanding our referrals

At Dental Care Asleep, we recognize the trust that other dental practitioners place in us when they refer their patients. These referrals often include individuals who experience significant anxiety about dental visits and children who need a more controlled environment to undergo dental procedures safely and comfortably.

Patients with Anxiety

For patients with severe dental anxiety, traditional dental visits can be a source of immense stress and fear. These patients often avoid necessary dental care, which can lead to more serious oral health issues. At Dental Care Asleep, we provide general anesthesia to allow these patients to receive the dental care they need without the associated anxiety. Our team is trained to ensure that each patient is fully unconscious and pain-free throughout their visit, providing a completely relaxed and comfortable experience.

Pediatric Patients

Children, especially those with behavioral or medical challenges, can find dental visits particularly daunting. Our practice is equipped to handle the unique needs of these young patients through the use of general anesthesia. By creating a calm and stress-free environment, we can perform necessary dental procedures efficiently and effectively, often completing multiple treatments in a single visit. This approach minimizes the emotional and physical stress on the child and helps to build a positive association with dental care.

General Anesthesia

Sleep Through Your Procedure for Maximum Comfort

At Dental Care Asleep, we understand that fear shouldn’t dictate your oral health. General anesthesia offers a unique solution, allowing you to drift into a peaceful sleep before the procedure even begins. Imagine waking up with a refreshed smile, the work completed, and no memory of any anxiety or discomfort.

How does it work?

General anesthesia is administered intravenously by a qualified anesthesiologist. It induces a state of controlled unconsciousness, where you won’t feel, see, or hear anything during the procedure. Your vital signs are continuously monitored throughout to ensure your safety and well-being.

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