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Healthy Smiles Ontario

What is the Healthy Smiles Ontario?

Healthy Smiles Ontario is a government-funded dental program that provides free preventive, routine, and emergency dental services to eligible children and youth 17 years old and under from low-income households. The program aims to ensure that financial barriers do not prevent children from maintaining good oral health.


How much is covered?

Procedures Covered by Healthy Smiles Ontario

Preventive Services

Routine Services

Emergency Services

Is Anesthesia Covered?

Good news! Yes, full anesthesia is covered under Health Smiles Ontario, but be sure to discuss your options with your Dentist.

How to Apply

Call ServiceOntario INFOline toll-free.

Are you eligable?

What you need to apply.

2480 Homer Watson Blvd, Unit A4
Kitchener, ON N2P 2R5